Please Folks!

I can appreciate your efforts to inform me long in advance about your interest in building for you a custom camera weeks or months in the future, but really, a couple of days is all that is needed, please contact me when you are totally ready.
Please have the necessary funding for your camera project available for immediate shipping as soon as the details for your order have been worked out.

Planning the construction of your camera, even unusual custom cameras is easy and only takes a week or two to perform in most cases, please be sure you have the necessary time to consult with me by email or phone without long periods of time with emails and phone calls going unanswered, we can sort out the details of your project very rapidly and easily if you will answer emails and phone calls in a rapid manner.
Please be willing to visit your Post Office and Bank as soon as your order details have been sorted out, Become signed up and verified member of payment processors listed on this website long before it is time to send payment if these processors are to be used.

If you are able to do all of the above you can count on great fast service along with obtaining a great new camera or service and you will be a respected valuable client that has done their part to make the project work smoothly without delays or complications.

It is with much regret to have to inform you that if you are unable to do all of the above to contact me again at another time once you are able and willing to do all of the above, "Wait", "Later", "Maybe", "Might" and lengthy "Need To Think About It" along with "I Have To Sell Off My Graflex" or other item are just NOT welcome and are responses that will be considered as project failures and project is not of serious  importance to you which more often than not means no deal will occur, failure to respond rapidly to emails and telephone messages is considered very disrespectful and abusive.
There is however no problem with "Later" provided you are willing to send part or all of the funds needed for your project right away.
Payment preferred is check or money order, my bank clears them overnight, Bank wire transfers, Western Union

Visa, MasterCard, Amex, cards are for those that live in really far away countries where mailing a check or money order is next to impossible to do or bank wire transfers are really expensive. use of cards is NOT encouraged for residents of the USA and Canada, both countries have easy access to checks and money orders, these payment methods are actually faster and easier than credit card payments are, credit card transactions take a long time to process, mailed payments arrive a lot faster. Can be used for domestic and outside the USA payment methods, You must take the time to become a signed up verified member, use the bank transfer of funds method to send payment to your account and then send to Alpenhause Kamera Werke for payment of your camera. We also can use to process credit cards outside of the USA, You will need to put forth the time and effort to become signed up with this payment processor. Sending funds with either of these outfits is free.

People that fail to pay or sign up with the credit card processors or other payment processors I use are obviously pulling a scam.
Chargebacks for anything other than non-delivery of the package are a scam as well, I know exactly what to do in these situations, no one will get a "Free One"
All possible sales by means of credit cards are evaluated on a case by case basis and are subject to my approval or rejection at will.
American Express Traveler's Checks are welcome as well, these are a safe reliable payment method.
Western Union payments also welcome.

I Do Not Accept PayPal Under Any Circumstances, No Way, No How, Do Not Even Think About Offering To Pay With PayPal, Or Even Asking About PayPal, No Discussion About PayPal Here.
Talking by phone is often a really good idea, we can get all questions answered right away and I most certainly look forward to chatting with you.
Please be financially prepared for a purchase like this, stories about your tax audit going well, checking with wife, husband, partner to let me know later are just not wanted or needed.
Stories about "Later" are not welcome because more often than not "Later" means "Never", "Later" however is OK if you have sent all or part of the payment, conversion must be fully paid for before shipment.
Are you from one of those countries where scams are a big part of your country's foreign income? Don't even think about it! There is no PayPal accepted here so your scam won't work, Don't even think of contacting me either!
If you are a Certified Excuse Provider find some one else's website to visit.
Are you one of those that finds trouble with any deal or transaction you encounter? Find another website to visit.
Honest clients that are responsible and return emails and phone calls please disregard the following: Are you one of those irresponsible Lowlifes that does not answer email's, never sends payment after to agreeing to send payment? GET THE HELL OFF MY WEBSITE NOW!!!!!
Shipping And Delivery:
All shipping is sent by  fully insured carriers like United States Postal Service, United Parcel Service or Federal Express.
If credit card is used and purchase by credit card has been approved by Alpenhause Kamera Werke the package will only be sent to the billing address of the card holder, No exceptions.
All cameras are custom ordered, repair, exchange or store credit only, No Refunds .  Cameras carry a 2 year parts and labor warranty, customer pays for shipping