1. The Basic 110B 4x5 camera with 127mm f4.7 Rodenstock Ysarex lens $800
2. 900 4x5 camera conversion $800 lens not included, you supply lens or I will supply lens.
3. 110B 4x5 camera conversion with custom lens, $900 lens not included, you supply lens or I will supply lens.
4. Custom Leather Covering $125 Please inquire about leather colors
5. Optional integral convenience cable release installation $50
6. Black Anodized Lens Board $25

Which lenses are good on the 110B and 900?  lenses from 90mm to 150mm 3, 4, or 6 element lenses from Schneider, Zeiss, Voigtlander, Rodenstock, Nikkor, Fujinon, Xenars, Tessars, Xenotars, Sorry, the 150mm f2.8 Xenotar is not a good fit, the 135mm f3.5 Xenotar is a great fit to these cameras especially the model 900.
These lenses from 90mm to 150mm will all fit on the model 900 except the 90mm, this camera accepts lenses that measure up to 2 1/4" in overall length.
The 110B accepts all the aforementioned lenses but they must be 2" and under in overall length.

Please email me regarding a specific lens you have in mind to find out which camera it will indeed fit, the 110B is limited in certain aspects of what lenses fit and work best.
I keep an inventory of popular 135mm and 150mm lenses in stock starting at $200 each from Schneider, Rodenstock, Caltar, Fujinon

Are you aware that most of these custom lens cameras fold up completely without the need to unscrew the front lens element group? I can build cameras for you at reduced cost if you don't want or need the "Fully Folding" feature. Does anyone else offer cameras that are fully foldable with these large lenses?

Close Focus modification is performed on both the 110B and 900 cameras, 150mm lenses need this modification the most, can get them down to 3 feet which is better than 5 1/2 feet, 127mm and 135mm down to 2 1/2 feet.

Why does the 110B with custom lens cost more than the 900 with custom lens?  The 110B requires a lot more work to produce and modify, lots more than a 900.
The 900 is the last model of this sturdy first generation Polaroid folding cameras, it has exactly the same combined bright frame single window rangefinder that the 110B has, it is also easier to make a brand new sturdy lens board for it compared to the rather complex lens board made for the 110B.

The 900 has a much more sophisticated lens bed door with a very handy tripod socket on the door for vertical mounting on a tripod in addition to the tripod socket on the bottom of the camera, focus knob is on the edge of the lens bed door, surprising handy spot when you are using the camera in the vertical orientation, focusing mechanism of the 900 is thoroughly modified for ease of very smooth, effortless focusing by just rubbing one's thumb on the focus wheel and also altered for no play in the rack for super accurate focusing.

Do you have or are you going to obtain a model 110A, 110B and you want it upgraded to a 4x5 format camera? This applies to the stock camera with stock 127mm Rodenstock Ysarex lens

Convert your 110B to 4x5 $700.
Convert your 110A to 4x5 $800, the 110A needs to be upgraded to a 110B first then converted to 4x5, the 110A is not converted directly to 4x5 because the location of the viewfinder eypiece is located in a real bad position for viewing and focusing, besides, wouldn't you rather have the single window range/viewfinder of the 110B anyway?

The original model Polaroid 110 with Kalart Rangefinder and 127mm f4.5 lens is still being modified to 4x5 format, you will need to supply a suitable model 110 for modification $600

Convert a 110A into a 110B $125, does not matter whether it is modified or not to pack film or 4x5 or who modified it.

Got a Pack film converted 110A or 110B?
110B packfilm to 4x5 $500
110A packfilm to 4x5 $600, camera needs to be upgraded to a 110B before it is modified to 4x5.

If You Can Dream It Up, I Bet You I Can Build It For You.

1. 110B with Rodenstock 127mm f4.7 lens 4x5 camera $875